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Procedure login / register

Go to Duivenveilen.nl or Pigeongold.com, click on register in the Login box and fill in all requested information to be requested and required. You can also specify whether you want to receive our newsletter and you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Then click Continue. Then you will receive an email. This is exactly how you described the last action you perform to your account to activate. If you did then you are ready on our site to make a bid.

How do you bid now?

In order to formulate a bid you must log in first. You can do this by submitting your email login and password to complete. Then choose your preferred auction off. The auctions listed under the buttons can: VIP Auction - Coupon Auctions - General Auctions underneath the auctions are listed that are currently active. If you have clicked the auction, select the dove coupon, you want to launch a bid. Every bird will find a detailed description, pedigree and usually a picture. Bottom of the screen you will find the column and Maximum Bid bid. The bid box is what is the minimum amount needed to be sure you fill in the amount you wish to offer. Suppose you € 50, - to offer, then fill in 50. So NO MONEY OR OTHER SPECIES OTHER CHARACTERS!

Bidding is in 3 steps:
0 to 100 euro with a minimum of 5 euros
101 to 250 euros with a minimum of 15 euros
251 t / m .... With less than 25 euro
Maximum bid

It is also possible maximum bid. Suppose that € 150, -, then fill in behind 'Maximum bid' in 150. Again, NO MONEY OR OTHER SPECIES OTHER CHARACTERS! Then click the button PLACE BID. Will you agree then press the button. Will you not accept the auction simply click away.

After you click on the button 'PLACE BOD "then scroll down. Your bid is accepted as the highest bidder, you will see your name and your bid listed under Latest Offers.In that case you will see on the homepage in the middle that this offer be the last bid is included. You immediately get a message that your bid below the highest bid is established.  It may be that your bid is equal to or lower by another buyer bids released automatically. In an equal amount, the order of the previous bidding always. In that case you get the message: Note: one other bidder has a proxy bidding immediately placed a new bid. You are not the highest bidder .. On the homepage you will also Latest Bids provided that the amount is increased.  In that case you will not receive mail from us, however, than the highest bidder, which is another one like you

Inspection bids

If you're logged in you own menu at your disposal, you now access your data and you can customize, we also have access to the bids made by you and you can see where you are the winner of or you've been outbid. Update the site regularly so you can monitor the bids and see if you still the highest bidder.

5 minutes scheme

Our sales site is also called five minutes rule. Set an auction ends at 22:00. Suppose you bid at 21.58 hours. It may then be offered until 22.03 hours. Every time a new bid is placed in those 5 minutes the auction time will be 5 minutes longer etc.etc. You can follow progress of the current auctions on the homepage in the column 'Last bids. Do not forget to get back on the button "home" to see the most recent so still relevant bids on your screen appear.

Highest bidder

After the auction you get the same evening by e-mail message from us that you as the highest bidder became the owner of the purchased bird. They will be within 3 days contact you about the auction, by us or the seller.

Payments and collect

The bird should be purchased to meet with the vendors, the payments must be made through Duivenveilen.nl. It goes without saying that the pigeon previously available to the owner states, then that payment is made, if applicable, any transport. The responsibility for the health and quality of the pigeons is entirely with the vendors. Our sales site Duivenveilen.nl or Pigeongold.com role in this case only a mediating role.


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